Friday, November 22, 2013

Birds of Canada

Two nights of celebrations at Artscape Youngplace has resulted in a lot of money being made! It was a pleasure to meet so many supporters of Artscape.

Money was made!

What an amazing week this has been! Between the Open House and the fundraiser, Hall Pass, 36 individuals have made money! Family, friends, Youngplace neighbours from Inspirit and Luminato, as well as Iler Campbell and Price Waterhouse Coopers, have spent time cutting, pasting and making beautiful copies of the 'Birds of Canada' series banknotes.  Thanks to all for supporting Artscape Youngplace!

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Studio Open House

After sitting vacant for more than a decade, the former Shaw Street School at 180 Shaw Street has undergone a $17 million transformation to become a new community cultural hub. Known as Artscape Youngplace, it will soon be the largest cultural institution in the West Queen West area, one of the country’s most creative neighbourhoods and a major centre for contemporary art in Canada.

Please visit me in my new studio, as the doors are finally flung open and the neighbourhood, the tenants, their friends, colleagues and families are invited in, for one exciting evening, to rediscover this new old building.  Be nosey, snoop around the hallways and meet the other artists, designers, dancers, photographers, musicians, actors, curators, film and videographers who call Artscape Youngplace their new workspace.

Tuesday November 19th, 2013  
5-9 pm 
180 Shaw Street *  

During the open house, you can make money! Details on the denominations to follow.